Synthesizing Ideas into Measurable Outcomes

I thrive on discovering opportunities and effecting solutions that meet business goals and user needs.

About me

About Me

I am an accomplished user experience designer who pursues solutions through analysis, collaboration and iteration.

With success across multiple industries—EdTech, FinTech, LegalTech, MedTech, social media—my diverse background includes roles in agencies, corporations and startups.

Before designing experiences I coded them, and before that I studied philosophy. Like others in the dotcom era, I left one career for the Web and after a crash course in design, I took up development—my background in formal logic lent itself to markup languages.

But with an eye for design and a mind for organization, I began defining the experiences I coded and eventually went all in on user experience design.

Outside of work I teach design for UC Berkeley Extension and philosophy for City College of San Francisco.


My strengths revolve around defintion and execution and include DesignOps and relationship building.


Projects vary. I plan accordingly and adopt strategies to discover and define opportunities.


I avoid incongruous product visions by establishing conceptual alignment with stakeholders and peers alike.


I love synthesizing business goals with user needs and effect frameworks that facilitate efficient problem solving.


My success is with others and I foster collaboration through inclusion and ongoing discussion.


I foster confidence in others through guidance, feedback and opportunity.


My recent work in digital health focuses on task management and workflow optimization within a multifaceted ecosystem.

I currently support nurse coordinators, physicians and cardiovascular labs performing AFib procedures.


My past work ranges from complex enterprise applications to award-winning social marketing campaigns, from robust ecommerce sites to life saving medical device software.

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